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"Claire's workout really pushed me without being too difficult and challenging. The moves were simple yet effective enough that I feel confident to replicate these at home. Claire also introduced me to HIIT yoga which might be my new favourite thing”

✅ Cree @Sweaty Betty

"Claire created a personalised full-body workout for me. We discussed what I wanted to achieve, my personal circumstances, the type of activity I enjoyed and what I could realistically commit to. I like that she emphasized the need for it to be fun and enjoyable. I have a mental block with exercising, it always feels so hard and tend to opt out. I need to exercise more for my mental and physical well-being and Claire's approach is just right for me."  

✅ Andrea, mum of 2

"I can't thank Claire enough for keeping me going through lockdown. I have loved the 25 minute live sessions that I can fit around my day, that have been fun and motivating, making me feel on top of the world when I have finished the workout. I'm ready to face the day with a smile on my face!"

✅ Lisa, mum of 2

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